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The calculator has several modes, which affect the operation and choice of buttons available. Use the mode button (key ‘?’) to select modes. Pressing mode once, you can choose between normal (Comp) and statistical (Stat) modes. Pressing it twice, you can choose between degrees and radians. Pressing it three times, you can choose the size of the display. Pressing it four times, you leave mode selection.

Normal and statistical modes

When selecting these, press ‘1’ for normal and ‘2’ for statistical mode. Some memory functions are unavailable in statistical mode. Instead statistical functions are available. Changing mode does not affect memory or stored statistical data; so you can change as often as you like.

Degrees and radians

When selecting these, press ‘1’ for degrees and ‘2’ for radians.

I have not included grads because so few people use them that including them would clutter the calculator unneccesarily. Radians, however, are important. You cannot use trigonometric functions on complex numbers in degrees with nonzero imaginary parts because there is no defined way to convert these numbers to radians. If you try, you will produce an error.

You can change from degrees to radians at any time. The change takes effect when the a number is calculated: usually when you press the ‘=’ button, but also when you use memory and statistical buttons that store or remove numbers.


Press ‘1’ for a small, ‘2’ for a medium (default) and ‘3’ for a large calculator.

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