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Trigonometric functions

The calculator makes six trigonometric functions available. Each applies a trigonometric function to the expression following the function name. The six trigonometric functions are: sine function (sin button, key ‘s’); cosine function (cos button, key ‘c’); tangent function (tan button, key ‘t’); inverse sine or arcsine function (sin−1 button, keys shift, ‘s’); inverse cosine or arccosine function (cos−1 button, keys shift, ‘c’); inverse tangent or arctangent function (tan−1 button, keys shift, ‘t’).

Degrees, radians and complex numbers

You can use the trigonometric functions for any complex number. You can also work in degrees or radians. For real numbers, angles range from -180° to 180° or from -π to π (radians).

The trigonometric functions are defined for complex numbers with nonzero imaginary part (or, almost equivalently nonzero argument). But the standard conversion from degrees to radians (multiply by π / 180) is not meaningful for such numbers. So if you want to use trigonometric functions with them, you must use radian measure by changing the mode of the calculator.

Related functions

There are other related functions, sometimes included with calculators. This calculator omits them so as not to clutter the calculator with functions that are seldom used in practice. Thus there are no buttons that let you directly calculate the secant, cosecant, cotangent or their inverses or the hyperbolic trigonometric functions. Similarly, there is no function to convert degrees to radians or to do polar–rectangular conversion. If you want these features, you can always create your own buttons: look at the and and files to see how buttons and functions are implemented.

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